Power of Choosing Motherhood

Just a simple thought to leave you with today.


When we choose to homeschool we assume tremendous responsibility for not just raising our children to the best of our ability, but also for providing our kiddos with the best education that fits their needs.

Regardless of whether or not we have an alphabet soup of letters that come after our name, representing years of your own post-secondary education, most of us are reduced to being seen as “Janey’s mom” and not much more.

On those tough days – when we wish there was a little something more that we could claim as our own – it’s important to remember that we all have a little Molly Weasley deep inside, ready to come out when it’s most important.



Alessa Giampaolo Keener, M.Ed. works with clients around the world in developing individualized learning plans that value the strengths and weaknesses of the whole child. While her focus has long been on the social-emotional needs of the gifted child, Alessa also works with governmental agencies in helping to meet the educational needs of children in foster care, as well as those involved in the juvenile justice system. Alessa lives in Maryland, where she homeschooled her kids into college. You can email Alessa at alessa.education (at) gmail.com