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Deductive Reasoning is a logical thinking skill that requires a person to sort through a series of true facts to come up with a conclusion that is also true. It might sound complicated, but Deductive Reasoning can be taught to early elementary aged children.

An easy way to introduce the process of Deductive Reasoning is through logic grid puzzles. Copy the puzzle off your screen or download the free Halloween-themed logic brainteaser for your 1st – 3rd graders – and we’ll take you through a step-by-step process you can use with your kids to help them successfully solve the puzzle.

  1. Before you begin solving, read the goal of the puzzle and all your answer choices. In this case, students will be matching the names of children with the Halloween costume they wore.

  3. Since you’re working with younger elementary age children, make sure they recognize the difference between the girl’s and boy’s names. You can also get them thinking about the different types of costumes by asking questions like, “Where would you find a scarecrow?” and “Who can name a superhero for me?”

  5. Read the first clue. The word “matey” is used by pirates, so Jackson must be dressed like one. Place a checkmark in the box that lines up between the column under Jackson’s name and the row across from Pirate.

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A perfect brainteasing blend of deductive reasoning – fun facts – and challenge!

  1. Since Jackson is the Pirate, he can’t be wearing any of the other costumes, so place an “X” in those boxes. You can also cross out the Pirate option for the other children, because each child is wearing a different costume. Using this notation system helps children visually organize their thoughts so they can continue to successfully problem solve the brainteaser.

  3. Read the 2nd clue. If none of the boys dressed up as a firefigher, than it means that a girl wore that costume. Look at your list of names. Which one is the girl’s name? Make a checkmark in the correct box. Cross out all the boxes that can’t be true for Abigail or the other boys.

  5. Read the last clue. Out of the last 2 costume choices, which one would most likely be wearing a cape?

  7. While there are no more clues to read, students can deduce that if there is only one child left and one costume option left, then they must be a match!

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Alessa Giampaolo Keener, M.Ed. homeschooled her children from kindergarten into college. Over the last 15+ years, she has also worked with families in creating individualized learning plans. As a professional curriculum developer, Alessa has created afterschool youth development programs for a Baltimore-based nonprofit, as well as teaching materials for homeschool parents and brick and mortar school teachers.

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